Friday, April 22, 2011

School is ALMOST out!!

SUMMER is right around the corner! I am sooo ready! I have cabin fever, I want to get out of the apartment, and play outside- if Logan could just have a nice day! It will be here soon enough! In the meantime I have alot of finals to study for that will keep me plenty busy! I love my roomates, they are all just amazing girls and I have grown to love and respect all of them! They are my best friends, I don't know what I would do without them... They came into my life at just the opportune moment, I always say they saved me. We have alot of fun, there is always SOMETHING going on, which keeps us busy. My roomate Kate and I have kind of gotten into the habit of watching old movies on Sunday afternoons- I just love that someone MY age actually will sit down, enjoy, and appreciate old movies like I do. THANKS KATE! We also have two other girls that are always hangin out with us, we call them our "adopted roomates" :) JEn and Jord-- they are just amazing girls and such good examples to me! It is amazing how much easier life can be if you are surrounded by good influences, and friends. It changes EVERYTHING! I am so blessed to have such good friends and family. I LOVE having my siblings around me also, they most definately take care of me! There is soo much to be greatful in life!I LOVE these girls!!


My one true love: Pepsi :)


The light in my life: My Monkey Boy :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Beginnings- AGAIN

So Alot has changed between now and the last time I had a post. I moved- AGAIN in with some amazing girls! We have so much fun! I finally feel as if I am living life to the FULLEST! I have a awesome/secure job, an AMAZING family, getting an education, and just having a blast with friends! I am sooo BLESSED! Yesterday was such a good day! Slept in, went to church, came home and put in a old movie, Calamity Jane :) One of my roomates, Katelyn, watched it and later Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with me. We giggled soo hard we were both crying! That is what life is about! Cheesy old movies just make my day and put back into perspective how simple life is. I love the innocence of those times, and how wholesome everything was. Sam and me Cheesin it up :)

On our way to Crystal Hot Springs YAY for Girls night out!!!

So in all life is good. :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


October has been sooooo CRAZY this year! Man has it flew!!! I have been soo busy with school, homework, work, and trying to make it home as much as I can! Through all the craziness I have been feeling especially crafty. I have been looking for a cute coffee table, so I went to DI one day and I found one, sanded it down, and painted it red. All under 25 bucks!! It was a steal of a deal and turned out WAY cute! I also was wanting to get into the holiday spirit and had my wonderfuly talented big sister help me with a pumpkin craft! They were super easy and STINKIN cute! they look soooo GOOD in my apartment I must say! Thanks Jess!! Then one day I was walking through honks, and found these three metal stars- they were a dollar each so I bought them. They used to be gold and dark maroon but I spray painted them red and hung them under a sign I have had for forever- it turned out WAY cute also :) Last of all I bought this bookshelf from wally world- 15 bucks- but as we all know things like that from walmart are pretty flimsy and just kinda fall apart easily.. WELL my AWESOME parents have ALOT of beadboard left over from their house so I took the cardboard back home and my AMAZING dad and big Bro cut out a piece the exact same size. SO I painted it black, and nailed it on the back, VOILA a STURDY, CUTE new book shelf. :) I was quite proud of all my craftiness this month!
Another exciting thing that happened... I turned the big 21 on the 16th! Oh yay! Adulthood.... and it hit me pretty hard I must say. I recently bought my own vehicle, AND I am paying my own car insurance, and registration :( oh goodie! You don't realize how much money your parents spend on you until you have to pay for it all yourself! Thanks Dad and Mom for always being so patient and taking care of me! On a happier note I got to spend my birthday with two very dear friends of mine, Ainsley and Dani :) We had a blast! They took me to dinner, and then we went dancin! It was an AWESOME way to spend my birthday! Thanks girls! :)
After I got done hanging with the girls I had to make a mad dash home to good 'ol Burley- Jordan had homecoming and as the tradition goes all us older girls go home to help her get ready. It was fun! She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl! I love my goose and wouldn't have missed it for the world! She looked gorgeous! Jess did her hair- of course :) - and I did her makeup-- The last highlight of this month is Halloween of course. This was the first year I didn't dress up! I ended up spending it with my two favorite people in the whole wide world! My MoNkEy MaN and JeSs... The monkster was a TREX... oh man he really got into growling, chasing us around their house, and he would even "HUNT"... haha He was soooo ADORABLE! I love that boy! My big sister decided to dress along with Kayson so she was a cave woman... She looked so cute too! The Frick or Freatin (in Kayson's words) was my favorite part of the night.. He was so cute when people would open the door he would stomp his feet and say FRICK OR FREAT!!! I was laughing the entire night.. :) This was the perfect ending to my October... Thanks Jess and Kayson! Love you guys!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Lovin, Girls Trip, and a Fresh Start :)

WOW! The last month has been soooo INSANE! From working full time, swimmin with my Kayser Monkey, Goin on our ANNUAL GIRLS TRIP, moving out of my old apartment and into a new one WITH new ROOMIES, AND last but not least starting school- I feel like I haven't had a slow moment! Life just keeps getting crazier and crazier! But here are my highlights of August... Jess, Kayser and I have tried to take advantage of the Logan Aquatic center this summer- and have been quite entertained with Kayson's AWESOME swimming skills! He is such a funny little guy, always keeps us giggling! I sure LOVE that boy!!! If I am having a bad day all I have to hear is his little voice saying "EESE OUGS.. (please Bugs) and it all magically melts aways :)
Another highlight of my summer has most definately been our oh EVER SUCCESSFUL GIRLS TRIP :) I absolutely LOVE this tradtion in my family! It is so fun! Us girls get the opportunity to get away from the guys and just have strictly girl time :) We eat out, go to raging waters, have jam sessions in the car to our favorite songs, and shop till we drop- literally. I got lots of good stuff! My money was very tight this year due to my car wreck, my new apartment's rent being higher than I normally settle for, and having to save for school- but Thanks to my Wonderful Mom I was able to get the things I needed- but couldn't afford on my own. I must say she spoiled me :) THANKS MOM!

Last but not least My new apartment, I have to say it is HEAVENLY I have my own ROOM and BATHROOM- which is a first for me in my college life. I am LOVING it! I have 4 other Roomates... Shirisha, Andrea, Tessa, and Sam. They are all AWESOME girls and I think we are gonna have some fun getting to know each other better! Its amazing how certain people are put in your life... I was talking with a couple of my roomates about some things in my life and it comes to find out they are dealing with much of the same trials. SO CRAZY! Everything happens for a reason- right? :) I couldn't be more happier with the outcome of my new home :) I will get some pictures on here of all my new roomies as soon as I can. :)
P.S. I just finished my New rag quilt... It was my summer project- it turned out sooo GOOD! I am going to try and incorporate all bright colors into the rest of my room.. Gerber Daisys are my inspiration. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June/ July Update

WOW the last couple months have really FLOWN by!!! Lots and LOTS have happened... My cousin Tanner came home from his mission :) so we ran down to SLC for that. I have been busy working like mad! Fireworks came before I knew it and was gone in a flash! I got in a car wreck and ruined my car for good... So I am temporarily carless until I can save up enough money for a good little ride. And I discovered I LOVE demolition Derbys. :) Although they are soo white trash I LOVE them, and hope to someday be in one. I have been gearing up for school, and am extremely stressed with money. I am streched already, and now I have to come up with tuition money, rent, utilities, and save for a car all in one. Oh what its like to be a "GROWN UP"- haha Why can't things in life just come easier for me or my family? I just don't get it.... BUT on the bright side of all my negativity I have signed up for an institute class, which I haven't been able to attend because I have been gone. I went yesterday and it was a eye opener.

I have so much to be grateful for. I have an AMAZING family who loves me and are all so willing to help me out at anytime anywhere. I am so grateful for my parents and teaching me how important work, cleanliness, and education is. I am so grateful for having a roof over my head and a very stable job. I have more friends than I realize... and I am not the only one who has struggles. I am so grateful for my life. I have the opportunity to attend the temple, its only a block away which makes it even better :). Last but not least I am soo grateful to have my big sister and brother here with me. When I get home sick they are just a few minutes away and are always giving me advise and boosting me up. Thanks so much Jess and Jas! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Us girls on the way back from Tanner's Homecoming. WAZZZ UP?!!!!

Us girls at our BELOVED ;) fireworks booth....

I LOVE my GoOsE :) Nuf Said.

Me at a Demolition Derby :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

WoRk FuN

So this last week was CRAzy at work... Macey won a drawing and got a free back pack which was WICKED cool!!! People were also just wanting to have babies like mad, so it was just busy!! I thought I would catch some of our craziness on camera-- along with being way busy my dear friend Amanda got a new job and left us :( we were all very sad she was leaving but very happy for her! She will love her new job and be so good at it!! Other than work life is good!! I am LOVING my new ward- and meeting lots of new friends! We also got new roomates and we all get along pretty well also! It should be a good summer! YAY! :) A couple of weeks ago I also had the opportunity to go watch my BEAUTIFUL little sister's dance recital with Jess and Kayson. She had a big part, they did the production ANNIE and she played Grace ( Daddy Warbuck's right hand and sweetheart). She did soo good I was so proud of her!! Kayson sat through the entire 4 hour show, he was sooo good!! It was alot of fun, and a good chance to go home for a day!
"Grace" Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!?!
We will miss her!!
Macey, Amanda, and I Being goofs :)Jess and MoNkEy MaN :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The GREAT wall :)

So sunday morning around 8 we were waken to the sound of our doorbell just ringing like crazy! As I stumbled down stairs to see who on earth was trying to wake us I heard people running up and down the apartment stairs screaming as they went..... When I opened our door our neighbor said " QUICK THE WALL COLLAPSED!!!!!! WE NEED TO MOVE OUR CARS BEFORE THEY FALL IN!!!!" So naturally we ran to the balcony so we could see what was happening and this is what we saw.....
It turns out the wall separating our parking lot from the canal just collapsed into the canal..... and it took half our parking lot with it.....Here are the cars that got splashed from the canal water and other debrie....Luckily no one got hurt, and we got all the cars moved safely before anything bad could happen to them! This was a unique thing to see.... it was the highlight of our morning!!! :)